Thomas Knüwer

Thomas Knüwer is a business consultant and blogger. In 2009, he founded the digital strategy consultancy kpunktnull in Duüseldorf, which works for companies such as Opel, Henkel, Bitburger and Deutsche Post. Previously, he wrote 14 years for the “Handelsblatt”. In 2005 he founded the media and marketing blog “Indiskretion Ehrensache”. He is also co-founder of the “Goldenen Blogger”, Germany’s oldest Influencer Prize and co-host of the food podcast “Völlerei & Leberschmerz”. In 2011, as the founding editor, he launched the German “Wired” and, as Editor at Large, was responsible for the redesign of the “Internet Magazine”. He studied business administration in Münster and Berkeley. Within the football season you will find him every other week in the stadium of SC Preußen Münster, Block B, row 11.
Twitter: @tknuewer

Photo: Screenshot from the interview