After the elections: Europe’s new power balance – Discussion at the Global Media Forum 2019

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2019 kicks off on the day after the elections for the European Parliament. Many consider these elections as the most important in the history of Europe, since powers may shift from Euro-friendly to Euroskeptic as nationalists and populists have continued to rise over the past decade. How did this shift in perceiving the Europe Union happen? What makes it so difficult for Europeans to accept the successful and peaceful narrative of the EU? And what steps should the European Union take after the elections?

The Gustav Stresemann Institute invites alumni of its European GSI Summer School, young leaders from all over Europe, to discuss the new balance of power in Europe and how to lead the European Union out of its recent crisis. Participants at the session are invited to bring in their own perspective and help to develop a roadmap for the European Union, looking at the results of the elections for the European Parliament.

Michael Münz
Dr. Jan U. Clauss
Jeannot Fritschen
Anders Heger
Elena Zurli

The discussion is going to start today, May 28th (2.30 p. m.), at the Global Media Forum 2019. Afterwards, the recorded video of the podium discussion will be available here on the platform.

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